• no-appy-polly-loggies said: (( hey! so you just rebloged my post about globes - awesome! i'm glad you did! but you also added a link to amazon as a way to promote the purchase of the book. while i'm super appreciative for the reblog, i'd really prefer if the link to amazon was deleted, simply because recently they've been getting more and more of a monopoly on bookselling and are using it to strong-arm small companies. purchasing from the uchicago site is 10000 times better for the press. thanks for your understanding!

    I understand your thoughts on my repost of the globes history book, however two things come to mind…

    1) Amazon is not the devil; see here.

    2) Some people will only trust Amazon enough to purchase the book online, and that (decidedly much smaller) text link seems another way to get sales for the book.

    I’m posting this publicly as I’d love to hear from others on the subject (especially those who read the article at the “see here” link - in its entirety).

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      I appreciate the conversation - let’s keep it going!
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      obviously, you’re free to do what you want on your blog, that’s cool and all, but i work in the publishing industry,...
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