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    Sylvia Pope is a 70-year-old grandmother from Wales who loves Christmas. Her house in Morriston, Swansea, South Wales is home to her ever-growing collection of Christmas ornaments, which now numbers over 1800 pieces. The glittering holiday baubles come from all over the world and, because she has more than would fit on her Christmas tree, they hang from her living room ceiling for all to enjoy.

    Sylvia began collecting Christmas ornaments in 1999. Her sparkling collection - now worth over $32,000 - is so large that, in years past, she would have to start hanging them from her ceiling in September in order to be done in time for the holidays.

    Sylvia said: ‘I love them - and everyone smiles when they see how many I have hanging above my living room. I spend about £100 [~ $165] a year on new baubles and visit all the festive markets to find new ones. I have baubles from all around the world - friends even bring me them from holiday and I have some from Greece with donkeys and cats on. I also have ones from famous shops such as Macy’s and Harrods. My grandchildren and play ‘I Spy’ with the different baubles. We have great fun.’

    Sylvia enjoys the sight of her twinkling ornament collection so much that she would leave them all up until March. However this year, due to a dodgy knee, Sylvia finally decided to simply leave them up year round.

    She says, ‘I intend to keep collecting as many baubles as I can for as long as I can. They are brilliant.’

    [via Dailymail.co.uk]

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